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Escape the rat race

is one a very popular search term  on Google and its no coincidence. If you are curious how many people are searching for this term its 1K-10K with an average of 10M-100M monthly searches for anything relating to 9 to 5, how do I escape, how Do I get out, leaving the rat race behind and the list goes on and on  😱

Yes that is a screaming face emoji because its both sad and impressive. This goes to show you more and more people are starting to catch on and realizing that there is more too life than to just working and paying bills.


pay bills and die


Whether your working on paying off debt, craving adventure and are wanderlust about traveling the world, the many reasons to leave the rat race are ever more exciting than sitting in a cubicle all day, starting at a screen and making calls to customers you hate (Yes iv’e worked help desk & its hell)

But how do you even start, where do you go to start situating yourself to leave the 9-5 lifestyle?


The answer is: Educate yourself


For beginners id start off by reading a few books, yes the good old square one. These books have the potential of saving your life. Yes I mean it!

I used to be part of the rat race back in 2015 until I read The Millionaire Fast lane by MJ DeMarco, this was one of the handful of books that shook me awake. This is a great starting book you will learn more than 12 years of school put together. Read it don’t think about it, do it now!



Here is the blueprint I used to escape the rat race:


rat race escape plan

  1. Educate yourself, read lots and lots of books. Work on yourself, listen to podcast, read books, watch educational videos. Don’t come home from a long day and not work on yourself.  You are the most important person, you need to feed your mind so you can grow daily.Below are some of my top books I read and highly recommend, they are in no particular way of order.
    The millionaire Fastlane, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Moneyless Manifesto, The 4-Hour Workweek,F*ck ‘the Man, The 10 Pillars of WealthThe Minimalist BudgetClick MillionairesThe Millionaire Mind.Also Id like to point out that there are many more books that where helpful but these where the first of books that I read that sparked my conscious that helped me escape. Other great authors to mention are all books by Napoleon Hill and Joseph Murphy.
  2. Create a plan on how you will restructure yourself, your financial status, and especially on how to make money and not rely on the clock. Passive income is what will set you free.
  3. Start saving and rethink your financial mindset. This is a very critical  step because if you have a high spending lifestyle what is the point of escaping the job that has you tied down to the 9-5 schedule when you are just going to be spending everything you make?You MUST learn to spend less, rethink the way you see money from making it to spending it. If you read the books listed above you will surely not think the same about money again. Save up till you can leave your job, figure out how to make money whether it be blogging full time, creating an eCommerce store, creating a product and selling it, writing books,etc.

    Side note: One of the things that I learned from reading those books above was that the materialistic possessions you buy (new cars, phones, videos games,etc) are what tie you down to having to have that shitty job you hate and being back at the office on Monday.

    Learn to live minimal, spend less, save money, pay off your debts, start cooking at home, bring your lunch to work, and you will see your savings start to grow. 

  4. Execute! What’s the point of having read 12+ books but you don’t execute and take the jump? Doing all of the above isn’t easy, not everyone can escape the rat race. Some people will live miserable all their life, some people will only have 2 days of freedom called the weekend. Its up to you to take the leap, leave your comfortable job, and be a true entrepreneur.I always laugh when I hear someone say their an entrepreneur because REAL entrepreneurs don’t boast about it. Most entrepreneurs especially just starting off are living very minimal, but following their dreams and creating new things. A lot of people say their entrepreneurs because they are selling some shitty herbal life product. Ladies and gents this isn’t an entrepreneur, the real person making the money is the guy on top of the pyramid. The owners of herbal life, but don’t even get me started on MLM companies.


Don’t let the rat race kill your dreams! Educate yourself, follow your passion create a business out of it and live the life you desire.


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