salary bribe


Don’t Sell Your Dreams For A Salary

One of the things that really gets to me is when you see young adults just graduating high school and they window shop degree’s as if it was buying a new pair of sneakers. Most students that attended college with me (before I dropped out and pursued my entrepreneurial career) always told me about how this job or that job paid $80–100K a year. Little do they know that that is the bribe that society pitches to you in order to become just another average American working within the system.

Things Wrong Chasing A Salary:

  • Time wasted
  • Money spent on expensive (useless) degree
  • No guaranteed success rate that you will land a job
  • Careers change, some die over time — Salary might not be accurate 10 years from now

Ultimately your dreams don’t work unless you do. Salary chasing will fatigue you and you’ll only get a lump-sum amount of money with no true passion year after year, and before you say “A degree is not useless”, think about this for a second.

 If every other person in this world has a degree, what makes you different than the other 100+ million with one? 

While it’s true some careers such as in the STEM field do require extensive education because no one would like a surgeon who learned from borrowing books from the library and watching YouTube videos..there are many other career opportunities that truly don’t require years of debt enslaving college courses.

Too many people overlook and misjudge their chances in life because they think that they truly need a piece of paper telling them that they need it to be successful in life.

It’s no coincidence that more than ever we keep hearing success stories about entrepreneurs who have made multi-million dollar businesses all on their own and they don’t have a lick of college education.

Please wake up people

Don’t be another sheep in the slaughter house, there are so many creative and smart people in this world that have all sorts of talents, yet they never truly tap into their full potentials. Don’t work for the man, work for yourself. Set yourself apart, create your own business and be free.

Don’t chase a salary. Chase your dreams.